• What can I do with these HTML templates?

    You can use these web templates on your personal or commercial projects. You can modify and extend them to fully functional websites.

  • Do I need to know HTML and CSS?

    If you know HTML and CSS, it certainly helps. But if you don't, just replace the placeholder texts, links, logos, favicon and images with your own.

  • How can I customize/modify your template?

    Open HTML templates with any commercial or free HTML editing tool. You can also use Notepad. Please check my resources link to learn more about HTML editing tools.

  • Do contact forms work?

    Web forms (Contact Forms) are not functional. Forms need form handling scripts such as Ajax/PHP to send emails from web pages. Check this example on how to implement PHP Forms

  • How can I update the Lightbox YouTube video links?

    Most of my templates have Lightbox videos linked to YouTube videos. If you wish to have your own video linked, just replace demo link with your own YouTube video links.

  • Are these responsive web templates?

    Yes, 100%.

  • What is UIkit?

    UIkit is a lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. If you want to extend these HTML templates, please visit UIkit website to learn more.

  • Why are you offering these templates free of charge?

    I love designing web templates. After finishing each template, it ends up not being used. So, I've decided to give it to someone who might find it useful. I plan to add more web templates. So, please keep checking this site.